Overall Cup Race

The C.O.F. Cup goes to the player with the most points earned from playing in the past year’s series of C.O.F events: The Circle Championships, the Phoenix Open and the four C.O.F. Majors held in Chicago.

Victory in the Circle Championship and the Phoenix Open each counts for 1000 points, second equals 750 points, and third equals 500 points. All players receive an additional 100 points for participating in those events.  In addition, participation in each Major tournament counts for 100 points. A Major victory counts for 500 points.

2012 Final Standings

1. Roger “ROC-It” Crockett (Winner COF Championship, PGA Championship, showings)

2. Ron “Brown Suga” Pullie (Winner US Open, British Open, 3rd COF Championship, showings)

3. Billy “The Commish” Dexter (Winner Phoenix Open, 2nd COF Championship, showings)

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