On May 17th, after a long, brutally cold winter, The Circle finally got its 2014 season under way.  The question was, whose game had thawed enough to win the first major tournament of the year … The Masters? Many of The Circle’s best showed up to battle for the Black Jacket: Billy D, Ron “Black Mamba” Pullie, Isaac “Darkman” Carter, Rodney “RJ” Harrington, Gerald “G Money” Beechum, ROC-It Crockett; and emerging from hibernation, Alex “Superman” Adams, to name just a few. Would Alex still have his super powers? Would Black Mamba bite? Could ROC-it soar to his third black jacket? Would Billy D get his first?
To make the competition fair, everyone was playing to his assigned tournament target. And just like the pro tourney at Augusta National, this competition heated up on Ravisloe’s back nine. Beechum bolted out in front after 9 holes with a solid 44. Crockett was close behind. But both players backed up when they double-bogeyed No. 14. In fact, No. 14, the longest par 4 on the back, snared several guys. Adams doubled No. 14 as well, and couldn’t overcome a rusty driver down the stretch (or was it the Kryptonite someone snuck in his bag?). Pullie was also 2-over on No. 14 and stumbled home. The only one who prospered on 14 was Darkman, who busted into the light with an impressive 43 over the closing holes to claim a 1-stroke victory. Some complain that he was guilty of a questionable golf ball rule infraction. But after a Commission review, Darkman edged Beechum by one and Pullie and Crockett by two strokes to nab 1st place!
Congratulations Ike! Also, congrats to Bert Allen who claimed the lone skin in the B Flight, and to Adams, Beechum, Harrington, and Pullie for sharing skins in the A flight.