Few things serve as a better antidote to the Winter doldrums than a golf trip to the Dominican Republic.  This year’s event did not disappoint.  The weather was perfect, settling into the mid-80s every day with very little humidity!  And the golf was great–one day at the spectacular oceanside Playa Grande course and two at the sporty Playa Dorado.

Veterans of the Invitational like to welcome a newcomer, and this year we indoctrinated Chicago’s Chuck Henderson.  Usually newbies wilt under the Caribbean sun.  But Chuck shined!  An efficient 42 on the front 9 the first day and a hot putter throughout (thanks to the purchase of a new Scotty Cameron flat stick) made Chuck the star golfer of the weekend.  Another highlight was Reggie Dunlop smacking not one but two giant 3-woods–over the ocean and against a stiff, gusting wind–onto a postage stamp green at the Playa Grande course.  Maybe Reggie had a special tip from his caddie (we had great caddies every day!).  Who knows?  But founders Billy D and ROC-It Crockett are still trying to figure out how he did it.

The pictures below give you a glimpse into the good time had by all!