Phoenix golf has rarely been this close to perfect: Mid 80-degree temperatures, no wind, cloudless skies, and the pristine fairways and greens of Longbow and Las Sendas golf clubs. About 16 brothers enjoyed the golf and the camaraderie in Phoenix. And by the time it was over none of us wanted to go home.
The action started Friday, which served both as a tune-up for the weekend’s individual play and also as a 2-man team competition. Maybe it was the excessive bright sun that had most of the guys a bit giddy Friday. For some reason few could focus on their best golf. The one twosome that found their groove, Crockett & Capers (Team C-Squared), complemented each other perfectly and posted a solid 83 for an easy team victory.
But the weekend accolades belonged to another golfer–none other than Commissioner Billy Dexter. Come to think of it, he almost didn’t even make it to Phoenix, after partying so hard he missed his flight to the desert. Billy D rolled up to the course just in time. And after a mediocre day on Friday, he showed a new and impressive form over the weekend. Say goodbye to “Mr. 100”. The “Snack King” has found a home in the low 90s! Displaying surprising length off the tee (the characteristic left-to-right ball flight has disappeared!) and a putter that was good for at least two bombs a day, the Commish carded 92-96 on two of the fastest, toughest tracks in Phoenix. He was just 4-over his weekend target, two strokes better than second place finisher Gerald “Butch” Beechum and five ahead of Ron “Big Papa” Chandler who took third place hardware back home to California.
Perhaps the most impressive move of the weekend, however, was Dexter playing while wearing an argyle sweater vest in the desert heat on Sunday. His devotion to dapper attire payed off: He capturing the Best Dressed Award. Congratulations to Billy D!