You don’t wanna bang with us. Cause you know we dangerous. If you real, you can swing with us Cause we are from that Dirty South.
~ E.s.g. & Slim Thug featuring Carmen San Diego
For this tournament The Circle ventured way, way down South to the opposite end of the lone star state’s panhandle … Houston, Texas … for our annual spring-time tournament. On April 30th & 31st, we kicked off what was dubbed “The Dirty South Open.” Twelve Circle members (call ’em the “Dirty Dozen!”) teed it up under the Texas sun: Tommy “Long Ball” Blanchard, Ron “Brown Suga” Pullie, Chris Malloy, Eric Boone, Maurice Shaw, Chuck “Home Boy” Henderson, Thomas “Thutt” Hutton, Kevin “Papi” Pitts, Reggie “Captain” Dunlop, Phil “The LA Playa” Black, Roger “Roc-It” Crockett and host Darrell “DJ Quik” James.

Let me tell you, DJ Quik rolled this joint right! Some of us were picked up from the airport in black town cars. We were given sweet goodie bags when we checked into the hotel. We munched on fried chicken so lip-smackin’ good it would’ve made Col. Sanders jealous. And then there was the golf.

Two days of competition at Quik’s sprawling private club, Sweetwater Country Club. Some of us sharpened our rusty swings Friday on the facility’s Cypress track, one of the club’s two 18-hole courses. Then on Saturday the real battle began. The tournament featured both a two-man team competition and an individual competition. The individual test turned out to be no big surprise. Anybody familiar with the Circle knows that Tommy “Long Ball” has long dominated for years, and he didn’t let a new venue change a thing. T.B. posted 79-85 for a 164 total and another easy victory.

Because it wasn’t fair for everybody to tee it up against the likes of Blanchard, a few of the guys waged a separate battle in the tournament’s B-Flight: Malloy, Henderson and Black. And Houstonian Chris Malloy, a Circle of Friends rookie, easily took home the trophy with a 2-day total of 201. Malloy, who still needs to go through a proper orientation program to adequately learn the Circle Way, nevertheless deserves a round of applause.

As expected, the team competition was a battle to the end. A random drawing established the teams up front: Team Blue with Blanchard and Black, Team Red with Pullie and Malloy, Team Black with James and Boone, Team White with Shaw and Henderson, Team Orange with Hutton and Crockett and Team Purple with Dunlop and Pitts. On Day 1, Hutton and Crockett supported each other perfectly and shot 78, one stroke better than Blanchard and Black (er, uhm, really all Blanchard), and three shots better than Pullie and Malloy. Team Qrange stumbled a tad in the brisk winds on Sunday and posted an 83. But Blanchard was on his own and could only manage an 85. Pullie and Malloy also ballooned in the wind with a 91. Meanwhile, host James and his partner Boone (Team Black), applied the pressure while playing in the same foursome as Team Orange’s Hutton and Crockett. Team Black shot 83—the same as Team Orange. But it wasn’t enough to close the gap built on the previous day’s play, and Hutton and Crockett took home the team honors.

Congratulations to the winners. And a sincere thanks to host Darrell James for a fantastic inaugural Dirty South Open. The Circle is definitely gonna want to get down and dirty again!

Team Blue 79 85 164

Tommy Blanchard 79 85 164

Phil Black 120

Team Red 81 91 172

Ron Pullie 92 97 189

Chris Malloy 98 103 201

Team Black 82 83 165

Darrell James 88 92 180

Eric Boone 91 87 178

Team White 84 93 177

Maurice Shaw 90 94 184

Chuck Henderson 99 111 210

Team Orange 78 83 161

Thomas Hutton 87 90 17

Roger Crockett 93 93 186

Team Purple 83 82 165

Reggie Dunlap 88 96 184

Kevin Pitts 98 90 188

Overall Team Winner: Team Orange (Hutton, Crockett)

A Flight Winner: Tommy Blanchard

B Flight Winner: Chris Malloy