On the PGA Tour, pros playing in the British Open typically have to contend with chilly conditions: the sort of wet weather and swirling winds that make raingear part of a players’ everyday apparel. For the Circle of Friends British Open, there were only a few sprinkles at the start of the round. Instead, we faced sweltering mid-July humidity that made playing 18 holes feel like walking in a sauna for five hours. Plain and simple, it was hotter than Serena Williams in her skin-tight, ESPY-night miniskirt! And speaking of hot, that’s exactly what Richard Robinson was. (Keep reading to get all the sizzling info on his round.)

Sixteen golfers showed up to do battle in Lockport at the quasi-links-style course, Broken Arrow Golf Club. Once again, the Racine contingent of Larry “Capt. Kirk” Kirkwood, Pete “Hole-in-One” Long, Frank “Red” Smith and Will “I Ain’t Scruggs” Suggs made the long trip (you gotta appreciate their dedication). We welcomed first-timer and former NFL pro Levar “Gridiron” Fisher into the mix. Plus there were regulars: Rob “Ooooph!” Simpson, Joe “I Love Skins” Taylor, Ron “Brown Suga” Pullie, Kelvin “Where Have You Been Lately” Calhoun, Wallace “Little Big Man” Harris, Isaac “Black in the Game” Carter, Commissioner Billy D, and Roger “Roc-It” Crockett. And then there was standout Richard “They call me Pretty Ricky” Robinson.

Broken Arrow is no push over of a golf course. It’s not particularly long, but it has some dangerous hazards that sneak up on you at the wrong times. The greens are fast and tricky to read. Even so, The Circle displayed some impressive play. Wallace Harris shot 39 on the front nine. Levar Fisher closed like an NFL DB closes on a receiver crossing into the middle, posting a 1-over 37 on the back-nine! Larry Kirkwood, relentlessly trying to shed his second-place jinx, finished well too, posting 41 on the back. And Kelvin Calhoun was consistent throughout, carding a steady 86 for the round.

But none of those guys could match the blistering pace set by Rick Robinson. Maybe he got up on the right side of the bed that morning. Or maybe it was that he “got some” the night before? Whatever it was, he was stroking it long and pure. His standard, looping, high draw was working to perfection, and he even threw in a few cuts and fades. And then there was that putter! Using his characteristic claw-grip to drop the pill from long range, medium range … wherever! Even Wallace Harris (who was with Robinson stroke-for-stroke through 13 holes) eventually had to stop, marvel and finally give-in to the mastery.

When it was all over, Robinson posted a 76! And if it weren’t for a couple of lip-outs his score could have been a few strokes better. He finished 6-under his target, easily allowing him to claim the “Claret Cup”. Congratulations to winner Pretty Ricky!

Congratulations to the following COF British Open players and thanks to all who participated!

TROPHY Competition:

1. Rick Robinson -6

Score: 76

Target: 82


2. Larry Kirkwood -1

Score: 86

Target: 87


T3. Wallace Harris +1

Score: 84

Target: 83

T3. Kelvin Calhoun +1

Score: 86

Target: 85


SKINS Competition

A Flight (par or better) 7 skins @ $34/skin

Rick Robinson: 3 skins on 3 birdies

Levar Fisher: 2 skins on 2 birdies

Roger Crockett: 1 skin on 1 birdie

Wallace Harris: 1 skin w par


B Flight (bogey or better) 7 skins @ $11/skin

Pete Long: 3 skins

Frank Smith: 2 skins

Billy Dexter: 1 skin

Rob Simpson: 1 skin